Pining for the Moon

Today I belted out Night Swimming while driving around the 'burbs of AZ. I was immediately transported back in time to being a teenage lifeguard at the D.C. Pool. As a kid I never went to summer camp. Just to the pool. Every. Single. Goddamn day of summer break. And then in my teens, I worked at that same pool. It was such an innocent and precious time. Then again I'm a bit addicted to nostalgia so I probably romanticize it a tad. The lyric "I'm pining for the moon" caught my attention, nearly bringing tears to my eyes. If there's anything that could describe my current mood it'd be Pining for the Moon. I'm not even sure why. That's the thing about pining, it describes a thing that's just-out-of-reach. The moon has always been a bit of a mystery to me, so maybe that's why I'm pining for it. The mystery of the moon relates to this whole theory that lunar cycles and menstrual cycles are said to be synced. There's lots of lore around t

From the Archives: Talk New Age Spirituality to Me

  Talk New Age Spirituality to Me | Originally posted Sun, 14 Jan 2018   My favorite installation at Burning Man '17 was a simple TSA-looking sign that says: Leave your emotional baggage behind and remember who the fuck you are.  It was that year that I finally started to shake off the guilt, shame, and fear that had been caked on, layer upon layer, since I can remember. For me, shaking it off resembled a mix of a just-in-from-the-rain-wet-dog; Taylor-Swift-esque-sex-appeal [a la “Shake It Off”]. I was a beautiful fucking mess.    The part of my story where I walked out on my husband and left our little life behind got me into a state of being unbelievably open & raw & willing. I had been into the yoga and meditation bit for years, but all the other things that were once off-limits [e.g. New Age bullshit that I used to look down upon] were now intriguing and totally up for grabs.  I just wanted to fucking heal. In the same holotropic breath, I often replayed the nightmare o

Here we go again!

Hi old friends!  As many of you know, I've blogged before. Technically I've been blogging for like 20 years. But never consistently. Which is odd, because I tend to do a lot of things consistently. Just not blogging apparently. Anyway, today I was cleaning my house. Naturally, vacuuming was part of that chore. And along with vacuuming the floors and furniture, I decided to vacuum the dog. Ya know, just to get the soon-to-be-shed hairs that were ready to find their way onto my freshly vacuumed couch. I've done this to Josie (my dog) many times and I find it very charming that she doesn't seem to mind being vacuumed. I'd mind! She doesn't. She's sweeter than me in general though.  This whole 'vacuuming the dog' thing may seem very OCD. And just this year I found out that I've got real-deal clinical OCD. I guess it's not that surprising that I do things like vacuum my dog.  Onward.  What is this blog actually about?  It'll likely be meanderi